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... lover of all things energy and intuition. A meditation hype girl (it's my number 1 tip for keeping anxiety at bay!), proud mama to one gorgeous little man and two fur babies, wife to my lovely hubby, and a creative! These are all things I love but my passion and purpose is to help people find deep healing on a soul level. To come home to themselves and go from barely surviving to absolutely thriving. I use a mixture of modalities to help heal stress and trauma and uncover limiting self beliefs, including reiki, kinesiology, guided meditation and my finely tuned intuition. They all assist with the re-awakening of the mind, body and soul, and help clients truly create the life they've been dreaming of. 

Hi there, I'm Steph...

Just an ordinary girl with a passion and purpose to help others go from merely surviving to thriving.

Change is possible!

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I was just like you!

Stressed, anxious and close to burnout?
Feeling 'stuck', like something needs to change but not sure where to start? The good news is you're in the right place!

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"I wasn't sure what to expect when I walked into Steph's house but I was greeted with warmth, acceptance and understanding. Steph's very welcoming and I found the whole experience very lifting. I literally left her feeling lighter, happier and feeling more like me again. I will be back to see you again soon Steph, thank you"


"Steph’s gentle approach to reiki has helped me feel more at peace with my body, while facing a serious health challenge. Our sessions make a noticeable difference to my energy and I always leave the room feeling bright, balanced and cared for.
Thank you Steph for sharing your innate healing energy with others, you have a natural gift and I feel so lucky our paths crossed.."


"I cannot even begin to explain the energy shifts I have felt in my body, mind and my spiritual mind since I've seen Steph. It's something I have never felt in my adult life. (I'm) living as my most authentic self. No numbing. And I'm doing it surrounded by the best help!!!"