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There are numerous ways we can work together.

A one-on-one session Energy Healing Session is the most popular option and combines a combination of reiki, kinesiology, guided meditation, essential oils, sound therapy and intuitive messages. No two sessions are ever the same and all sessions can be done in person at my studio in Baldivis or via Zoom.

If you don't want all of the above and just want want a burning question answered, then maybe a 3 Card Reading is for you. 

Maybe you are feeling flat or tired and just time poor. Then a Soul Healing Reading will work wonders! 

Perhaps you are after a quick dose of self care, then an Energy Clearing is the ultimate in self care. This 40 min session will help you feel more grounded and centred, and the best bit - there's no downtime! 

How to work with me!

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Mum & Child Energy Session

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove energetic blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated. Energy healing is a gentle full body treatment that is received fully clothed, lying down on a treatment table and includes modalities like reiki, kinesiology and guided meditation, with a session going for around an hour and fifteen minutes. Healing energy is a fine vibrational frequency directed through the hands that are placed on the body or in the energy field, positively affecting the physical and subtle energy fields of the body. It can be felt as warm, sometimes cool, radiating, tingling and calming energy.

The resonance of the energy allows the mind to slow down and relax, shifting clients from the dominance of the sympathetic nervous system, to the relax, rest and replenish aspect of the parasympathetic nervous system, therefore initiating the innate healing of our bodies.

With such a deep relaxation response and calming effect, Energy Healing can help to alleviate pain, reduce tension in muscles and help release mental and emotional stress. It raises and refreshes the spirit and provides a deep sense of peace and calm that helps to restore a positive mind and outlook, making the treatment a good choice for those needing help with high stress levels.


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It’s no secret that mums and their children have a special bond.

The mother-child energy cord is unique because it is formed in utero and has a physical base. It mirrors the umbilical cord, in that it connects a mother’s sacral chakra with her child’s sacral chakra. This means a mother’s creative and emotional energy (both linked to the sacral chakra) are directly linked to her child’s will, personal power, and mental constructs.

It’s also important to understand that our children can also only ever be as regulated as their primary caregiver - mama that’s you! How’s your nervous system feeling?

Because our energies are so intertwined it makes sense to run sessions together.

A session is done in person only and takes between and hour and an hour and 15 minutes. It incorporates a combination of reiki, kinesiology, essential oils, crystal healing and sounding healing. Each session is for one adult and one child only and there are no age restrictions.


We could use a little help regulating!

A virtual energy clearing is the ultimate in self care!

This 40 min session will help you ground your energy back into the present, letting go lower vibrational energies you may have picked up recently. It’s time to call back your scattered energy. Think of this as a tune up! This session will leave you feeling restored and revitalised.

This procedure is done via distant reiki and doesn’t require you to be present for the session. You will be notified when the session is starting and once it’s completed. Any intuitive messages received will also be past on. Turn around time is approx. 48 hours.


I'm time poor but still need help!

Feeling flat, tired or maybe you are just time poor. A soul healing reading will work wonders!

All soul healing readings are done via distance reiki and don’t require you to do anything to receive them.

All I need is your name and suburb to connect in with your energy and do a cleanse and burning ritual. I will also pull some cards and write down any channeled messages that come through.

You will receive an email once the reading is complete that will include any channeled messages and instructions! Turn around time is approx. 48 hours.


Is your soul tired?

A simple 3 card reading will be completed for you, with results emailed to your chosen email address. Have a burning question or situation you'd like some insight on? These sessions offer guidance, clarity and insights while also helping you to tune in to your inner wisdom and magic.

You will be notified when the session is starting and once it’s completed. Turn around time is approx. 48 hours.


I have a burning question I would like some insight on!

Are you wanting to call in abundance into your life? Then you’ve come to the right place! Abundance is a mindset and an energy frequency and I will be performing an abundance ceremony to call in abundance in all areas of our lives for the next three months. It’s something I do for myself (and close friends) regularly with great results. Abundance doesn’t necessarily mean financial abundance either (although that’s definitely part of it!) The Abundance Ceremony calls in abundance in all areas of your life! Health, wealth, jobs, family, friends, relationships - the options are limitless.

We are all energetic beings and when we take a moment to ask, with intention and with clarity, for exactly what it is that we want from the Universe - it’s surprising how often it will come crashing into your world! If we have a scarcity mentality around abundance and especially financial abundance we will never vibrate at the same level - we need to be a vibrational match. I will use a combination of reiki and other ceremonial methods to complete the ritual and you will be notified once the ceremony is complete. What do you need to do? Surrender and be open to receive - it really is that simple. I’ll do the rest!

You will be notified when the session is starting and once it’s completed. Turn around time is approx. 48 hours.


Who doesn't want more abundance in their life!

Then maybe my online course that I run with the wonderful Stacey Kirasic is just for you. Join us for a 30 day program where conversations and connections encourage us to interact in a mindful way. With daily prompts and reflections, we journey together to create a more intentional lifestyle full of peace, calm and gratitude.


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I love nothing more than seeing my wonderful clients kicking goals and going from merely surviving to absolutely thriving! Helping you uncover your self worth and self esteem and have you showing up as your true authentic self and living your best life. A life you thought you could have only dreamed of!

I'M YOUR biggest cheerleader

This energy work is life changing. It will help you grow and discover sides of yourself that have been hidden for a long time. You'll be empowered to show up every single day as your true authentic self.

this work is life changing 

Good health is looking after our mind, body and soul. Prevention is much better than cure and taking a holistic approach to your own health and well-being is key to preventing dis-ease in the body. 

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